REGISTER webinar: Endo-ERN webinar HNF1B diabetes

This webinar will feature a panel of experts from Helsinki University and Helsinki University Hospital.

HNF1B is an essential regulator of fetal development of organs including pancreas, kidneys, and liver. Although initially associated with monogenic diabetes (formerly MODY5) and then polycystic kidney disease co-occurring with diabetes (renal cysts and diabetes syndrome), the clinical presentation now covers numerous multiorgan features highly variable between individuals.

During this webinar selected cases will be presented.


Presenters are:

Jarno Kettunen MD, PhD, resident in endocrinology

Helka Parviainen MD, PhD, radiologist, subspecialty in abdominal radiology, Clinical Associate, Research Programs Unit, University of Helsinki

Tiinamaija [...]

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REGISTER webinar: Gonadal dysfunction in males with CAH

Register now for this informative webinar with a clinical perspective from a leading expert and and a discussion with patient participation.

Gonadal dysfunction in males with congenital adrenal hyperplasia (CAH) we will focus on an important long term complication in males with CAH finally leading to infertility. Gonadal function can be impaired due to primary gonadal failure caused by testicular adrenal rest tumours (TART) and/or secondary gonadal failure caused by suppression of the hypothalamic pituitary axis. In both cases the primary cause is poor hormonal control with subsequent elevated ACTH concentrations and elevated adrenal androgens concentrations. In this webinar you [...]

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Webinar recording available: Primary adrenal insufficiency – diagnosis, treatment and follow-up illustrated by cases

Save the date for this informative and wide-ranging webinar that will be presented by:

Prof Eystein Husebye, Department of Clinical Science and KG Jebsen Center for Autoimmune Disorders, University of Bergen, Bergen, Norway,
Department of Medicine, Haukeland University Hospital, Bergen, Norway;
Department of Medicine, Karolinska Institute, Stockholm, Sweden

Register now. If you cannot attend, register and you will be sent the recording.

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Endorsed by Endo-ERN: XXIV National Congress of Italian Society of Paediatric Endocrinology and Diabetology (ISPED)

The ISPED event has been endorsed by Endo-ERN.

A three day meeting November 6-8, 2023 with a comprehensive agenda featuring international speakers covering such topics as:

Congenital Hypopituitarism: Discoveries and Challenges Type 1 Diabetes – how, when, why – a vision to prevention Thyroid function in cancer survivors News in the management of congenital adrenal hyperplasia The use of microRNAs in pediatric endocrinology: new diagnostic and therapeutic markers Diabetes secondary to oncoematologic diseases; strategies to facilitate diagnosis and adequate and innovative treatment When to suspect rare forms of diabetes? Eating behaviour disorders in type 1 diabetes mellitus

Check out the [...]

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REGISTER: European Consortium of Lipodystrophies (EClip) IV symposium

The programme for the next installment of EClip is now available! Featuring international speakers topics include:

Mechanisms underpinning adipose dysfunction and metabolic disease in generalized lipodystrophy The adipocyte response to ionizing radiations New human leptin variants Current status of the EClip Registry


Full Programme (, 2 MB)


To register please email:

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Endo-ERN Endorsed: Transition Adolescence and young adults – Endocrine diseases management 6th Conference

Register now for this event organised and featuring Endo-ERN members focused on the topic of transition.

Hosted in Rome, event dates are 17-18 January, 2024. Topics and speakers include:

Empowering andrology through the registries – Faisal Ahmed, Endo-ERN MTG7, Glasgow, UK Long-term outcomes in transition-aged CAH: a guide to choose the most appropriate therapy – Svetlana Lajic, Endo-ERN MTG1 Representative, Paediatric chair – Stockholm, Sweden Growth Hormone therapy in patients with rare diseases: dosages, duration, pros and cons – Danilo Fintini, Rome, Italy

View the full programme (, 412 KB). [...]

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Endo-ERN Endorsed: Radboudumc Adrenal Masterclass

The Radboudumc Adrenal Masterclass presents state of the art lectures and workshops on clinical and pathophysiological aspects of adrenal diseases. It serves an audience of adult and pediatric endocrinologists, clinical fellows, internists and clinical chemists who are involved in the management of patients with adrenal disease.

The duration of the masterclass is 4,5 days, from Monday to Friday. Many national and international experts contribute to an intensive program that encompasses all major adrenal disorders: hyper- and hypocortisolism, congenital adrenal hyperplasia, incidentaloma, adrenocortical cancer, pheochromocytoma/ paraganglioma and primary aldosteronism. Apart from overview lectures on theoretical and practical issues, there will be [...]

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REGISTER: Pregnancy management in CAH

Register now for this upcoming webinar. If you have a particular interest in CAH you will find other videos on our YouTube:

Non classic CAH – An underdiagnosed condition: Non classic CAH an underdiagnosed condition – YouTube

Gonadal dysfunction in males with CAH: Gonadal dysfunction in males with CAH – YouTube

Update on Congential Adrenal Hyperplasia: Update on congenital adrenal hyperplasia – YouTube




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IMPACT: Endocrine Connections Special Collection with Endo-ERN

Endo-ERN has partnered with Endocrine Connections to support the collaborative research efforts of our members in the network. In the last 18 months that has resulted in the publication of 19 articles.

These articles are of interest with an average of 690 downloads and 1378 pageviews. An impressive 13 of the publications have been cited with no doubt more to come.

Download NOTE: no file found

the most up-to-date impact summary to find out more.


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