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Endo-ERN Patient Representatives ePAG

The patient view and voice are implemented at the core of Endo-ERN activities. European Patient Advocacy Group Patient Representatives (ePAGs) are represented in all Main Thematic Groups and preferably also within the different Work-Packages that have been devised to tackle the different goals within Endo-ERN. It is our aim for our patient representatives to represent the different member states within Endo-ERN.

For more information on how Endo-ERN includes patient view in its activities, contact our work package leaders.

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ePAGs will bring together elected patient representatives and affiliated organisations who will ensure that the patient voice is heard throughout the ERN development process. Patient organisations can become ePAG member organisations and patients can become ePAG representatives.

How to become an Endo-ERN patient representative 

Endo-ERN patient representatives:


Disorders of Calcium & Phosphate Homeostasis:

Genetic Disorders of Glucose & Insulin Homeostasis:

Genetic endocrine tumour syndromes:



Disorders of sex development & maturation:


Is your patient organisation interested in becoming an ePAG member organisation? Or are you interested in becoming an ePAG patient representative?

Please contact the Endo-ERN Coordinating Centre