EJP RD ERN Research Training Workshop Call

The European Joint Programme on Rare Diseases has launch the ERN Research Training Workshops funding opportunity. The goal of the workshops is to train researchers and clinicians affiliated to ERN- Full  Members or – Affiliated Partners in relevant topics on research in rare diseases. Training themes may include innovative research methodologies, diagnostic research methodologies, interdisciplinary treatment approaches, such as gene therapy and transplantation, etc. Moreover, the workshops will be aiming to provide a cross-ERN added value.

The workshops will be delivered as two-day events. The costs for the workshop organization will be covered up to a limit of €25.000 (venue, administrative, audio-visual and IT facilities essential for the workshop, catering, travel and accommodation expenses of workshops participants and invited speakers, if envisaged).

The workshops selected for funding will be attended only by individuals affiliated to ERN institutions. Participants will be selected by the coordinator of the ERN managing institution and the workshop organizer based on pre-defined criteria.

Organizer’s profile: 

The applicant submitting workshop topics must fulfil one of the following conditions:

  • Affiliated to any EJP RD beneficiary institution
  • Affiliated to an ERN Full Member
  • Affiliated to an ERN Affiliated Partner institution at the time when the application is submitted, as well as during the period of the execution of the workshop.

Application and more information here.

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Vacancies: Phd positions – Better estimates of hormonal exposure to improve diagnosis and treatment in endocrine diseases (BEED-ED)

Are you interested in improving hormone measurements and implement your research findings into clinical practice?

In a joint research project, the departments of Endocrinology at Ghent University and KU Leuven are currently hiring two enthusiastic and highly motivated PhD researchers to participate in our new research project “Better estimates of hormonal exposure to improve diagnosis and treatment in endocrine diseases”. This project is funded by the TBM program of FWO Vlaanderen (Applied Biomedical Research with primary social finality) for a period of 4 years and will start October, 1st 2021. Continue reading

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Prestigious EJPRD ERN Research Mobility Fellowship for drs. Eva Coopmans and drs. Oana Danila

The Research Mobility Fellowships of the European Joint Program on Rare Diseases (EJP RD) – The European Reference Networks (ERN) are awarded twice a year to a leading physician or researcher to gain new competencies and expertise in a European institution that specializes in research on rare diseases.

Eva Coopmans is a physician and researcher at the Center for Endocrine Tumors Leiden under the supervision of Prof. A.M. Pereira Arias and Prof. N.R. Biermasz. She received the EJP RD – ERN fellowship for  ‘GH-secreting pituitary tumours: nip therapy resistance in the bud (pilot study)’. With this fellowship she can address the role of AIP- and GNAS-mutations in somatostatin analogue responsiveness in vivo at the William Harvey Research Institute (WHRI), Queen Mary University of London (QMUL) under the supervision of Prof. Korbonits, one of the world-leading authorities in rare pituitary tumours genetics.

Oana Danila is an endocrinologist in training at the National Institute of Endocrinology C.I.Parhon, Bucharest in Romania. She received the EJP RD – ERN fellowship for  “The influence of Growth Hormone excess secretion on the evolution of Fibrous Dysplasia in patients with McCune Albright Syndrome: a case control study”.  With this fellowship she intends to establish if there is a connection between fibrous dysplasia lesions and growth hormone excess secretion and to gain experience in evaluating patients with McCune Albright Syndrome at the LUMC under supervision of Dr Appelman-Dijkstra, a world expert in Bone Metabolism.

For more information about the EJP RD Research Mobility Fellowships and funding possibilities: https://www.ejprarediseases.org/our-actions-and-services/funding-opportunities/funded-projects/ern-trainings-2/

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EJP RD: ERN Workshops – Advances in diagnostic and therapeutic methods for lymph flow abnormalities. REGISTRATION DEADLINE: MAY 31st

A face-to-face workshop on Advances in Diagnostic and Therapeutic Methods for Lymph Flow Abnormalities (consisting of presentations by experts in the field of lymph flow and interactive sessions to train participants in performing and interpreting MR lymphangiography) is being organised by Dr Willemijn M. Klein on 9–10 September 2021, from 09.00 to 17.00 CET, in the auditorium of the Radboud University Medical Center, Nijmegen, the Netherlands. The workshop is open to medical specialists affiliated to an ERN Full Member or Affiliated Partner institution and who are involved in diagnosing or treating patients with lymph flow abnormalities. Registration closes on May 31st, and those selected to participate from among the applicants will be informed by June 30th of their selection.

More information: https://www.ejprarediseases.org/event/advances-in-diagnostic-and-therapeutic-methods-for-lymph-flow-abnormalities/

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