Members Overview

Endo-ERN is a virtual network comprised of experts in rare endocrine conditions.  While our members are institutions, it is the people that comprise the multidisciplinary teams in those institutions that make the network function.  

While there are many obligatory activities for members, the network is also a tremendous resource with access to an unparalleled peer group.

The Endo-ERN Project Office is the hub that can facilitate access to the wider network membership.  

Core member activities

  • Virtual consultations using the CPMS platform
  • Contributions to the EuRRECa rare disease registries
  • Contributions to the Endo-ERN education and training programme(s)
  • Annual Continuous Monitoring Exercise 
  • Attendance of the primary/substitute members at the Endo-ERN General Assembly (GA)
Information video for patients and healthcare professionals

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