Endorsement of Educational Activities

Endo-ERN, via Work Package 6 (WP6), can endorse educational activities that are organised by institutions, national and international expert committees.  Applicants are requested to complete the endorsement form and provide the requisite supporting documentation and email to the Endo-ERN Project Office.  

The criteria for endorsement is:  

  • activity concerns (a subgroup of) rare endocrine conditions 
  • activity provides both the paediatric and adult perspective of the condition(s) covered by the programme 
  • activity is organised by one or more than one Endo-ERN expert centre
  • activity is accessible for healthcare providers and patient representatives from all EU member states
  • condition(s) of the activity is/are covered within one of the eight Main Thematic Groups (MTGs)
Information video for patients and healthcare professionals

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