Sharing of Member Surveys

If you would like a survey shared with individual network members this can be facilitated by emailing the Endo-ERN Project Office.  We are only in a position to circulate a link and not create surveys due to data considerations.  We can also promote a survey on our website, via the newsletter and social channels.  

Points to note:  

  • Identify the audience you would like to have the survey sent to (e.g. MTG7 members, all network members, primary/stubstitute members)
  • Select a deadline – at least 4 weeks from the date of the survey request
  • Provide a cover email that will be sent with the link 
  • Indicate if you would like to have the survey promoted widely through the Endo-ERN communication channels
Survey tips:  
  • Include the question How did you hear about this survey?” as this will inform which channels were most impactful.
  • Provide a downloadable pdf of the questions at the start of the survey.  Information may need to be collected from within the institution to complete the survey.
  • Information about how the data will be used including the planned output and if the survey participant will receive a copy.
Past circulated surveys:

Check out the list of previous or ongoing surveys.

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