Project Office

Charlotte van Beuzekom Head of Project Office

Lead: WP1, WP5, MTG3, MTG5

Other:  Grant oversight and consortium management

Charlotte van Beuzekom

Jadranka Elezovic Management Assistant

Lead:  WP1, MTG1, MTG6 

Other:  Mailbox, member contact updates, surveys 

Jadranka Elezovic

Aimee Casey Communication Manager

Lead:  WP2, WP6, MTG2, MTG4

Other: Social media, webinars, endorsement

Aimee Casey

Emily White
Project Manager & Operational Helpdesk Manager

Lead:  WP3, WP4, WP7, MTG7, MTG8

Other:  Evaluation project manager

Emily White
Information video for patients and healthcare professionals

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