Webinar Organising Information


One of the key activities of Endo-ERN, via Work Package 6 (WP6) and the conditions based Main Thematic Groups (MTGs) is education and sharing of expertise.

Webinars are an effective way to share expertise across the network and beyond.  The live aspect of the webinar allows the audience to interact with experts and ask relevant questions.  The webinar recordings are a library of educational content that can assessed at any time.

The MTG chairs and associated working groups develop the webinars based on feedback from members, engaging topics that emerge from the individual conditions, or relevant new guidelines or publications.  

The Endo-ERN project office provides technical and promotional support for the webinars.  

Points to note when organising a webinar

  • Check the current list of webinars to start your planning and select a date.  There should be one webinar per day. 
  • Please allow at least 5 weeks to promote a webinar.  The Endo-ERN project office will promote on our social channels and in our newsletter.   
  • Webinars from 1600 on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday have a good attendance, but webinars are recorded so often attendees will register to ensure that they receive a recording.  
Do you want to schedule a webinar?  

 To schedule a webinar and and begin promotion the following information is required:

  • Date and time of the webinar
  • Title of the webinar
  • An outline or agenda detailing the topic, relevant speakers, associated timings, and name of chairperson if any.  A project office staff member can always chair the meeting if needed.  
Please enter the information in to this form to get the planning and promotion started.  

Technical information 

Endo-ERN uses GoTo webinar for hosting webinars.  

A technical rehearsal is required prior to the webinar.  This will take place 24 hours prior to the webinar.  Please consider this additonal time when organising your webinar.  If you cannot make it at that time please contact the Project Office to arrange a one-on-one rehearsal.  

Your institution may block access to GoTo when you are connected to the network.  For access you can logon “offline” or use a private device.  

To ensure sound quality please use a headset when making your presentation.  

If you are presenting with a colleague from the same institution it is highly recommended to go “digital first”and login individually.