General Assembly 2018


On the 22nd of February, 2018, the second Endo-ERN General Assembly took place in Lübeck, Germany. Little under one hundred participants gathered in Lübeck for the General Assembly on the 22nd of February. Representatives of the Endo-ERN member Reference Centers, Patient Representatives, National Coordinators, representatives of ESE and ESPE, and other specifically interested persons attended.

The purpose of this General Assembly was to update all members on Endo-ERN activities and to approve the first year actions and the plans for the second year. Presentations were given on activities within the different Work Packages (WPs) and Main Thematic Groups(MTGs), the European Patient Advocacy Groups representatives (ePAG representative), National Coordinators, general Endo-ERN coordination, and perspectives from the European Society of Endocrinology and the European Society for Paediatric Endocrinology.

The meeting was opened at 11:00 hrs by our host and paediatric chair, Olaf Hiort and the CEO for Science in the board of directors of UKSH, Thomas Münter. The morning agenda consisted of an update on year one of Endo-ERN’s functionality, a presentation on the plans and priorities of the second year, perspectives from the societies and voting on the first and second year plans. This past year Endo-ERN mainly focused on mapping the knowledge base and on innovation capacity and quality of care for each of the MTGs. The upcoming year will prioritise an educational programme, an e-environment to support Endo-ERN actions, influencing guidelines, setting up a functional operational help desk to enable high-expertise consultations, and creating an inter-connected diagnostic laboratory network.

After the lunch break the Work Package and Main Thematic Group chairs presented their work of the first year, and their plans for the upcoming year. The result of multiple surveys, aiming to identify the knowledge base and the gaps in this knowledge, were presented. Johan de Graaf, ePAG representative, continued the day by giving a presentation on the continuously evolving Endo-ERN ePAG, the challenges that come with this, and the opportunities it represents.

After a quick coffee break the day continued with examples by the National Coordinators of Italy and the United Kingdom, on how to optimally disseminate Endo-ERN information on a national level. The day was concluded by Olaf Hiort, reporting briefly on the different funding calls Endo-ERN is participating in.

We found the Assembly to be a great success and want to thank everyone for attending. We hope everyone found it as informative as we did.

All presentations can be found on the Collaborative Platform.

For more photos, have a look on our Facebook page!

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