After the definite approval from Eurordis in August, Endo-ERN has added 5 new patient representatives to the team.
If you are interested in becoming a patient representative, check out our How to become an ePAG  web page!

The new ePAG representatives are:

  • Manuela-Brösamle
    Manuela Brösamle
    Manuela Brösamle Patient representative for the AGS-Eltern- und Patienteninitiative e.V., Secretary, Germany
  • Patricia-Carl
    Patricia Carl
    Patricia Carl Patient representative for the BKMF e.V. (Federal Association for People of Short Stature and their Families), Chairwoman, Germany
  • Carole-Delorme
    Carole Delorme
    Carole Delorme Patient representative for the “Association Surrénales” , Member, France
  • Elisabetta-Freo
    Elisabetta Freo
    Elisabetta Freo (Parent) Patient representative for the A Fa DOC (Association of patient’s families with deficit of growth factor and similar disorder)” Memebr of the executive board, Italy
  • Marika-Porrey
    Marika Porrey
    Marika Porrey Patient representative for the Schildklierkanker werkgroep (SON) / Thyroid Cancer Alliance , President, The Netherlands
  • Find all ePAGs here