Standards of Quality of Care (WP7)

Standards of Quality of Care to be developed in the eight main thematic groups (MTGs) to ensure consistent care for all patients across Europe. And, as these are often life-long, chronic conditions,
consistent care across the patient’s life.

Objectives: Create evidence-based clinical practice guidelines and reference ranges for hormone assays for the various disease subgroups (MTGs)

The representatives for WP7 Standards of Quality of Care are:

prof. George Mastorakos
George Mastorakos

George Mastorakos Adult chair 

Aretaeio Hospital (Athens, Greece)
prof. Anna Nordenström
Anna Nordenström

Anna Nordenström Paediatric chair 

Karolinska University Hospital (Stockholm, Sweden)
Jette Kristensen
Jette Kristensen

Jette Kristensen  ePAG representative 

Diana Kwast-Hoekstra
Diana Kwast-Hoekstra

Diana Kwast-Hoekstra  ePAG representative 

Dutch Pituitary Foundation (NijkerkNetherlands)
Alessandro Lazzerini
Alessandro Lazzerini

Alessandro Lazzerini  ePAG representative 

Diana Vitali
Diana Vitali

Diana Vitali  ePAG representative 

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