Dissemination (WP2)

Dissemination includes communication. Communication
 informs about the Endo-ERN project and objectives,
and dissemination informs about relevant results and outcomes.
Development of a communication plan is a key task of this work package
and will cover both aspects.
Objectives: To provide accurate and up-to-date information to the
Endo-ERN community. Increase awareness about the availability of
Endo-ERN and our network members to the medical community and the
general public.

The representatives for WP2 Dissemination are:

prof. Alberto Pereira
Alberto Pereira

Alberto Pereira Adult chair

Amsterdam UMC (Amsterdam, Netherlands)
Beate Bartès
Beate Bartès

Beate Bartès ePAG representative

Zuzana Smith
Zuzana Smith

Zuzana Smith ePAG representative

Združenie Addisonikov Slovenska (Nové Zámky, Slovakia)

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