RESOURCE: IRDiRC Drug Repurposing Guidebook


Drug shortages and drug repurposing are hot topics in the rare disease community as highlighted by Endo-ERN ePAG Joahn de Graaf at the Endo-ERN symposium at EPSE in September..

New IRDiRC board member Diana Kwast kindly shared this resource that might of interest the the wider rare endocrine disease community.

The commentary IRDiRC Drug Repurposing Guidebook: making better use of existing drugs to tackle rare diseases has been published in Nature Reviews Drug Discovery.

This guidebook, authored by the IRDiRC Task Force “Drug Repurposing Guidebook” facilitates drug repurposing for rare diseases by organizing available tools into a standardized framework.

The Task Force worked for 18 months with more than 25 experts from the field of RD to help reach the IRDiRC goal 2: ‘1000 new therapies for rare diseases will be approved, the majority of which will focus on diseases without approved options’ by 2027.

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