Report on RD-Action workshop


RD-Action published a report on the conclusions and next steps from the workshop ‘How ERNs can provide added value in the area of clinical research’.

The workshop, organised on 29 and 30th of May 2018, in London, Great Brittain, by RD-ACTION, EMA, DG SANTE, and the ERN Research Working Group, on How ERNs can provide added-value in the area of clinical research united 65 participants from many different stakeholder groups. The workshop had four main discussion points:

    • What sorts of activities under the heading of ‘clinical research’ will ERNs engage in, and what are the advantages of the ERN structure?
    • What opportunities exist under current EMA structures and resources presented on day 1, and how might ERNs engage with these?
    • Identifying concrete roles and recommended practices to involve patients in the various types of ERN-related Clinical Research
    • How can ERNs generate/link/exchange data to support the planning and execution of clinical trials and studies?
  • Click here to read the full report.

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