Meet our new ePAG Diana Kwast-Hoekstra

Diana Kwast
Diana Kwast

I would like to introduce myself to you as a new member of the Endo-ERN ePAG MTG1, from the end of May 2022. I have been nominated by the Dutch Adrenal Society NVACP and from the 25th of May I will take over from Mr. Johan Beun, whom does intend to retire in the summer of 2022.

My connection with adrenal disorders is that I myself since 2016, have been suffering from steroid-induced adrenal insufficiency and diabetes due to prednisone use, in severe asthma.

In my search for information about this adrenal disorder and its treatment, I came into contact with the Dutch Adrenal Patient Society NVACP and AdrenalNET. In time I became more and more involved in the activities of the Dutch Adrenal Patient Society NVACP and so also with the internationalization activities. Since 2020 I represent adrenal patients in my role as vice-chairman in the board of the Dutch Adrenal Patient Society NVACP and I write articles for the Adrenal magazine of our Society.

I am a registered nurse and nursing scientist and I have a lot of experience in healthcare and education management and research. I am currently preparing for my PhD project, at the Julius Centre of Utrecht University, entitled: Self-care in relation to the quality of life of patients with multimorbidity.

Further I am a mother of five children and have a lovely husband Raymond, who supports me a lot.

My mission is to represent patients with adrenal disorders as well as possible – in and outside the Netherlands and involve healthcare providers in the development and implementation of the most appropriate care.

My mother tongue is Dutch, I also speak English and some French.

Contact information:

Diana Kwast-Hoekstra, MScN.RN.




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