The board consists of the Chair and Vice-chair of Endo-ERN. Covering adult endocrinology and paediatric endocrinology, each with equal right. Their role is to coordinate all activities of the Steering Committee, to organise and chair the Steering committee meetings and the general assembly, and to function as infomation link between Member States and the European Commission and between ERNs.

The Steering Committee includes all main thematic group chairs and 8 work package chairs (WP9 is not officially operational) for a total of 16 permanent votes. Each MTG and WP is led by a minimum of three chairs – one paediatric, one adult physician, and ePAG patient representatives.    This ensures active patient involvement in any strategic decision and action.

The management board consists of 1 representative per Reference Centre.  The Advisory Board includes representatives of ESPE and ESE.

Full Board Terms of Reference 

Governance Rare Endocrine Conditions

Governance Rare Endocrine Conditions
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