Endo-ERN webinar: Pituitary Gigantism FIPA, AIP and XLAG


On Thursday April 22nd at 16:00 – 17:00 CET an Endo-ERN webinar about “Pituitary Gigantism: FIPA, AIP and XLAG” is organised. The webinar will be held by Albert Beckers and Adrian F. Daly from Centre Hospitalier Universitaire de Liège.

Pituitary gigantism is a rare and severe disease caused by growth hormone secreting pituitary adenomas. Due to its onset in childhood and adolescence, pituitary gigantism, and its lifelong disease burden, pituitary gigantism is of relevance to both pediatric and adult endocrinologists. This webinar will present the important genetic advances that have been made in pituitary gigantism and will deal with the clinical challenges caused by specific forms such as FIPA-AIP mutations and X-linked acrogigantism (X-LAG).

Webinar summary

WebinarPituitary Gigantism FIPA, AIP and XLAG
DateApril 22nd, 2021
Time16:00 – 17:00 hr
Speakersprof. Adrian F. Daly
prof. Albert Beckers
RegistrationRegistration is closed