ERN Information day Rotterdam


On November 17th, 2017, Erasmus MC, Rotterdam hosted an ERN info day on ‘the role of hospital managers in shaping the future of ERNs’. Alberto Pereira (Endo-ERN Coordinator), Willy Spaan (LUMC CEO), and Enrique Terol (DG SANTE) were present.

Hospital mangers are key players in the success of the ERNs and its members. The hospital environment and how ERNs members’ work and activities are integrated in the organisation and working procedures of each hospital is the backbone of the ERN system. The workshop on the 17th of November gathered patients, Healthcare Providers, ERN coordinators, Member State representatives and Hospital Managers.

Questions such as ‘How can Hospital Managers provide support to their local coordinators and members, and how to share good practices with the whole ERN Hospital Managers Community?’, and ‘How can Hospitals benefit and contribute to the success of the ERNs?’ were key aspects in the discussion throughout the day.

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