ERN Clinical Exchange Programme: Amsterdam to Basel

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Inspiration and innovation were the driving forces behind Dr Dirk Jan Stenvers application to the ERN Exchange Programme.

Dr Stenvers, a clinical endocrinologist at Amsterdam UMC, had his interest piqued by recent publications and congress presentations by the Endocrinology team at University Hospital Basel, Switzerland. Development of copeptin-based diagnostic tests for arginin vasopressin deficiency (previously known as diabetes insipidus) is just one example of innovations that the UHB team are working on. Copeptin based tests are a welcome alternative to the water deprivation test which is a challenging experience for most patients.

Over the course of 4 days, exchange host Prof Mirjam Christ-Crain and other members of the team kept Dr Stenvers busy with a detailed programme which included discussions about on-going research and test development with PhD students and senior researchers, and engagement in several clinical and scientific meetings.

“I am happy I connected with the team from Basel who were very open and generous with their time. I now have the opportunity to introduce some of their novel tests at Amsterdam UMC, and I came back with a few research ideas of my own. With such a busy clinic at Amsterdam UMC we have a great opportunity to apply these innovations that improve diagnostic and treatment experiences for patients.”

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