Sex Development & Maturation

Overview of Webinars for MTG7

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Turner syndrome and fertility options2024-09-2515:00 – 16:00 hrDr Janielle van der Velden and Hedi Claahsen
Pregnancy management in CAH2024-02-0816:00 – 17:00 hrLuca Persani, Nicole Reisch and Manuela Brösamle
Gonadal dysfunction in males with CAH2024-01-1016:30 – 17:15 hrHedi Claahsen and Manuela Brösamle
Klinefelter syndrome – from genomics to the clinic2023-08-3116:00 – 17:00 hrClaus H. Gravholt
Puberty induction in the two sexes – a case based discussion2023-06-2016:30 – 17:30 hrMarco Bonomi, Biagio Cangiano, Dr Silvia Federici and Giovanni Goggi
Genetic diagnosis of azoospermia: from chromosomes to whole exome analysis webinar2023-04-0617:00 – 18:00 hrOlaf Hiort, Luca Persani, Csilla Krausz, Giulia Rastrelli and Chris Breen
Update on the management of 46,XX Ovarian Dysgenesis and Primary Ovarian Insufficiency2021-09-0915:00 – 16:00 hrPhilippe Touraine
Sex Development & Maturation2020-12-1813:00 – 15:00 hrOlaf Hiort, Luca Persani, Manuela Brösamle, Arlene Smyth, Sasha Howard, Martine Cools, Guy T’Sjoen, Anders Juul and Anna Nordenström
Turner Syndrome Guideline & the patient perspective2020-02-13Claus H. Gravholt and Arlene Smyth

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