Genetic disorders of Glucose & Homeostasis

Existing guidelines & consensus statements

There are a number of Endocrine Society, ESE and ESPE guidelines on specific diseases, however, the number of conditions with a guideline is limited.

We refer to ESPE, ESE and Endocrine Society guidelines and the approach the associated societies have chosen to develop guidelines. ENDO-ERN ‘Glucose & Insulin homeostasis’ aims to describe current best practice on several conditions.

Alström syndrome

Read Consensus clinical management for Alström syndrome Natascia Tahani, Pietro Maffei, Hélène Dollfus, Richard Paisey, Diana Valverde, Gabriella Milan, Joan C. Han, Francesca Favaretto, Shyam C. Madathil, Charlotte Dawson, Matthew J. Armstrong, Adrian T. Warfield, Selma Düzenli, Clair A. Francomano, Meral Gunay-Aygun, Francesca Dassie, Vincent Marion, Marina Valenti, Kerry Leeson-Beevers, Ann Chivers, Richard Steeds, Timothy Barrett & Tarekegn Geberhiwot (21 September, 2020)
Orphanet Journal of Rare Diseases, Volume 15, Article number: 253 (2020)

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