Workshop on Rare Endocrine Registries


On 12-13th December, 2019 a workshop on Rare Endocrine Registries will be organised in Glasgow, UK.

The two days will be divided into three sessions. The first session will discuss EuRRECa, the second session will be aimed at learning from those who run international registries (commercial/non-commercial). The third session will be aimed at learning from some stakeholders. The workshop will be limited to about 100 participants and there will be a small registration fee and although we will open up the registration, we will do this in stages. Members of the EuRRECa PGB, members of the Endo-ERN Steering Committee, and nominated representatives from ESE and ESPE will be approached first.

Workshop summary

WorkshopWorkshop on Rare Endocrine Registries
DateDecember 12th - December 13th, 2019
LocationGlasgow, UK