WEBINAR: Getting to Know Virtual Consultations

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Endo-ERN is hosting a series of webinars to showcase the programmes and resources that are available to support the rare disease community. Do you have a Clinical Patient Management System (CPMS) log-in but have yet to use the platform for a virtual consultation? This is the webinar for you!

Endo-ERN Helpdesk Manager Emily White will cover the following topics:

  • Virtual consultations in rare disease
  • How to access a virtual consultation
  • The role of HCP/reference centres in virtual consultations
  • Secure technology: Clinical Patient Management Program (CPMS)
  • Q&A

If you cannot currently log-in to the CPMS system, or do not have a log-in please ensure that you have requested and activated a log-in prior to the session. It will ensure that you can apply your knowledge right away by uploading a case.


Webinar summary

WebinarGetting to Know Virtual Consultations
DateJune 1st, 2023
Time16:00 – 17:00 hr
SpeakerEmily K White
RegistrationRegistration is closed
CPMS Clinical Patient Management System