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This webinar will feature a panel of experts from Helsinki University and Helsinki University Hospital.

HNF1B is an essential regulator of fetal development of organs including pancreas, kidneys, and liver. Although initially associated with monogenic diabetes (formerly MODY5) and then polycystic kidney disease co-occurring with diabetes (renal cysts and diabetes syndrome), the clinical presentation now covers numerous multiorgan features highly variable between individuals.

During this webinar selected cases will be presented.


Presenters are:

Jarno Kettunen MD, PhD, resident in endocrinology

Helka Parviainen MD, PhD, radiologist, subspecialty in abdominal radiology, Clinical Associate, Research Programs Unit, University of Helsinki

Tiinamaija Tuomi MD, PhD, Chief Physician, Abdominal Centre, Endocrinology/Diabetes; Research Director, Institute for Molecular Medicine Finland, University of Helsinki

Päivi Miettinen MD, PhD, pediatric endocrinologist,

Webinar summary

WebinarEndo-ERN webinar HNF1B diabetes
DateDecember 13th, 2023
Time15:30 – 16:30 hr
SpeakersJarno Kettunen
Helka Parviainen
prof. Tiinamaija Tuomi
prof. Päivi Miettinen
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