RECORDING AVAILABLE: The mysterious links among cilia, centrosomes and insulin resistance: What have we learned from human genetics?

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Register now for this upcoming webinar on Tuesday, 2 April. Featuring Robert Semple Professor of Translational Molecular Medicine at the University of Edinburgh this webinar will provide attendees the opportunity to ask questions directly.

Single gene forms of severe insulin resistance both require careful management in their own right, and also offer insights into the nature of common disease. They may be grouped into primary insulin signalling defects (e.g. affecting INSR, PIK3R1), primary lipodystrophies (e.g. affecting BSCL2,AGPAT2,PPARG,LMNA) and then a complex group of syndromic conditions whose mechanisms are poorly understood. In this seminar a subgroup of such complex and extreme forms of insulin resistance caused by genetic defects in centrosomal and ciliary genes will be discussed, including Alstrom syndrome (ALMS1), SOFT syndrome (POC1A), and MOPDII (PCNT).

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Professor Semple provided several useful resources to accompany his presentation.