RD-Connect Webinar: why should we make data FAIR

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On Wednesday September 26th 15:00 CEST , Marco Roos from Leiden University Medical Center, The Netherlands, will host a webinar on Linking up all those data: why should we make data FAIR.

The webinar will explain what makes data Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Reusable (FAIR) and why it is critical that different types of information, such as medical records, clinical and phenotypic data, test results, sequencing data and biosample details are made FAIR at the source.

The date will be anounced later, but you can already register your interest here.

This webinar, organised by RD-Connect and ERN EURO-NDM , is one in a series of three and will explain how the RD-Connect tools can help you in your everyday work.

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Seminar summary

SeminarRD-Connect Webinar: why should we make data FAIR
DateSeptember 26th, 2018
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