Endo-ERN CPMS Webinar 2


On the 14th of June from 15:00-16:00, our Endo-ERN operational helpdesk is hosting the second of our CPMS Webinar sessions for all Endo-ERN reference center representatives to attend, via the WebEx system.

To fully make the Clinical Patient Management System operational within Endo-ERN the operational helpdesk will host a WebEx ‘CPMS Webinar’ to help members make the most out of the system. The Operational Helpdesk is created under the CEF (Connecting European Facility) Call.

The Webinar will run through the basics of the CPMS and provide the opportunity to ask questions. With this Webinar the helpdesk hopes to facilitate Endo-ERN members to make use of CPMS fully and thereby realise one of the ERN’s biggest goals. For more information, please email info@endo-ern.eu.

Event summary

EventEndo-ERN CPMS Webinar 2
DateJune 14th, 2018