Upcoming CPMS Recurring Meetings

To help Endo-ERN members plan more effectively, recurring meetings have been set for some of the MTGs. see our manual HERE (, 843 KB)

MTG experts will receive an invite directly. If you do not please contact the CPMS helpdesk.


Every 2 months, 1st Thursday @1500

Thursday 4 Jan

Thursday 7 Mar

Thursday 2 May

Thursday 4 Jul

Thursday 5 Sep

Thursday 7 Nov

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Every month, 2nd Monday @13:00

Monday 11 Dec

Monday 8 Jan

Monday 12 Feb

Monday 11 Mar

Monday 8 Apr

Monday 13 May

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Every month, last Wednesday @13:30

Wednesday 27 Dec

Wednesday 31 Jan

Wednesday 28 Feb

Wednesday 27 Mar

Wednesday 24 Apr

Wednesday 29 May 

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Every month, 2nd Thursday @14:00

Thursday 14 Dec

Thursday 11 Jan

Thursday 8 Feb

Thursday 14 Mar

Thursday 11 Apr

Thursday 9 May

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Every 2 months, 3rd Tuesday @17:00

Tuesday 19 Dec

Tuesday 20 Feb

Tuesday 16 Apr

Tuesday 18 Jun

Tuesday 10 Aug

Tuesday 15 Oct

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Every month, 3rd Friday @13:00

Friday 15 Dec

Friday 19 Jan

Friday 16 Feb 

Friday 15 Mar

Friday 19 Apr

Friday 17 May

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Every month, 1st Friday @14:00

Friday 5 Jan

Friday 2 Feb

Friday 1 Mar

Friday 5 Apr

Friday 3 May

Friday 7 Jun

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Every 3 months, 1st Wednesday @09:00

Wednesday 3 Jan

Wednesday 3 Apr

Wednesday 3 Jul

Wednesday 2 Oct

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