Clinical Patient Management System


The Clinical Patient Management System (CPMS) is a secure web-based application to support European Reference Networks in the diagnosis and treatment of rare or complex conditions across national borders.

CPMS will realise one of the ERNs core tasks; bringing expert specialised care to all patients in Europe.

Getting started with CPMS
More videos on how to enrol a patient, how to set up a panel, and how to start a video meeting are available within the cpms.

The system will allow for virtual consultation across national borders, ensuring that the needed expertise can travel to the patient, instead of the other way around.

Are you seeking expert opinion?

ERNs are not directly accessible to individual patients. However, with the patients’ consent and in accordance with the rules of their national health system, patient cases can be referred to the relevant ERN member in their country by their local physician.

Contact the nearest Endo-ERN reference centre!

Are you a member and do you need help with the CPMS?

The Endo-ERN Operational Helpdesk has created Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for the use of the CPMS.

Read the SOPs here! or log into the CPMS and watch one of the tutorial videos!

Download CPMS consent forms


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    CPMS patient path

    CPMS patient path
    Via the CPMS any doctor can ask for virtual consultation of Endo-ERN reference centres. This IT platform will enable a multidisciplinary team (MDT) to discuss highly specialised patient cases in a secure closed-off environment. The resulting advice can then be directly referred back to the patient by their own treating physician