Clinical Activities & eHealth

Clinical Activities & eHealth

Endo-ERN aims to improve communication interfaces within all EU member states between three different groups; between healthcare professionals; between patients and healthcare professionals; and between patients.

We aim to do this by consolidating digital network-building actions, such as the Connecting European Facility (CEF) and the European Registries for Rare Endocrine Conditions (EuRRECa).

We will develop a standard operating procedure for all healthcare providers to align the administration of patients at peripheral hospitals with central elements of the Clinical Patient Management System (CPMS) and the EuRRECa registry, in order to facilitate a smooth connectivity between the local level and the international level.

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The Clinical Patient Management System (CPMS) is a secure web-based application to support European Reference Networks in the diagnosis and treatment of rare or low prevalence complex diseases or conditions across national borders.