What are ERNs?

European Reference Networks (ERN) are virtual networks involving Reference Centres across Europe. They aim to tackle complex or rare medical diseases or conditions that require highly specialised treatment and a concentration of knowledge and resources.

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What is Endo-ERN?

The European Reference Network on rare endocrine conditions (Endo-ERN) aims to improve access to high-quality healthcare for patients with hormonal disorders. Endocrine conditions are often complex and require a long period of care due to chronic disease without being life-threatening. Therefore, endocrine care requires equal distribution of paediatric and adult care. Endo-ERN aims to provide this care for patients throughout their entire lives and to reduce and ultimately abolish inequalities in care for patients with rare endocrine disorders in Europe, through facilitating knowledge sharing and facilitating related healthcare and research.

Information flyers are available in Danish, Dutch, English, French, German, and Italian. Click here for the information flyers. 


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Endo-ERN Webinars

On a regular base Endo-ERN will organise an interesting webinar.

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