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University Hospital Florence


The University Hospital Careggi is a public funded hospital and important hub within the Tuscany Health System, accredited to the Regional Health System and Ministry of Health every three years with a specific strategic and business plan.

The Endocrinology Department comprises different sections with different expertise.

Patients affected by rare disorders of bone and mineral metabolism or rare endocrine tumours, adrenal diseases, disorders of sex development and maturation are referred to the Metabolic Disease Unit, to the Endocrinology Unit and the Sexual Medicine and Andrology Units, respectively, where dedicated outpatients clinics are operating. Patients are managed following international guidelines. Genetic testing is available when genetic origin of a rare endocrine disease is suspected. An informed consent is required to register clinical data, perform genetic testing if necessary, collecting biologic samples for study purposes.

Patients are offered and facilitated to join existing patient associations (e.g. the association of patients with hereditary paragangliomatosis and adrenal tumours, As.P.P.E.T., the Italian association for patients with hypoparathyroidism, A.P.P.I., the Italian association of patients with MEN, A.I.M.E.N., a member and founder of European Multiple Endocrine Neoplasia Alliance, E.M.E.N.A.).

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University Hospital Florence
Viale Pieraccini, 6
50139  Florence

General representatives

  • Csilla Krausz (Main representative, Adult)
  • Alessandro Peri (Substitute representative, Adult)
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