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Centre Hospitalier de Luxembourg


DECCP (Diabetes& Endocrine Care Clinique Pédiatrique)

Since 2001, the DECCP multidisciplinary team in the Paediatric Clinic (Kannerklinik) in Luxembourg takes care of children with diabetes and endocrine diseases. The team includes paediatric endocrinologists, specialised nurses, dieticians and a psychologist. Currently over 300 youths with diabetes and most children with endocrine disorders are seen at the Centre for diagnosis and/or follow up. Active involvement in international benchmarking for quality of care has been put in place early on, to ensure continuous evaluation of the patient based outcomes. Through cross border collaboration and European networks, rare disorders in the field of diabetes and paediatric endocrinology are discussed, identified and treated in most cases.

National, EU as well as international grants have contributed over time to research in a wide field of paediatric endocrinology and diabetes. Research on epidemiology, pathogenesis and optimizing care through new technology as well as benchmarking are part of the team ‘s activities. The ultimate goal however remains the person with diabetes , or an endocrine disorder and to improve their short and long term outcome.

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Centre Hospitalier de Luxembourg
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General representatives

  • Marianne Becker (Main representative, Paediatric)
  • Ulrike Schierloh (Substitute representative, Paediatric)
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