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APDP – Diabetes Portugal


APDP-Diabetes Portugal is a non-profit organization and dean of IDF’s Member Associations. It is currently an international reference as a diabetes healthcare centre. It is the first IDF Centre of Education (in 2009) and is a Certified Centre of Reference of Paediatric Diabetes (SWEET)

Main areas of activity:

  • Social: Fighting for the rights of people with diabetes; Clinical: Providing multi-specialised healthcare services to more than 40.000 people with diabetes; Training courses aimed at HCPs (physicians, nurses, dieticians); Professionals of communitarian support institutions; University students and patients and their families.
  • Research: in basic and clinical science and epidemiology; It collaborates with Gulbenkian Science Institute, Medical Sciences Universities and Portuguese Cancer Institute.

International Collaboration: IDF, Euradia, IMAGE and SWEET Projects, EURODIAB and DIRECT.

Collaboration with the Portuguese Government: Scientific consultancy in diabetes; Implementation of the Portuguese Program for Diabetes; Technical standards in the area of diabetes; Postgraduate training.

Recently a new Department was created – APDP Education and Research Centre – in order to expand and deepen our Research activities in basic investigation in the area of Diabetes.

Specifically, the Child and Adolescents’ Department follows people with diabetes (type 1, type 2, MODY, etc) until they are 25 years and 364 days old. It has a multidisciplinary team with paediatricians with specialisation in Paediatric Endocrinology, Endocrinologists and Internal specialists; nurses with specific training in diabetes, nutritionists and psychologists.

APDP – Diabetes Portugal is participating in the following Main Thematic Groups (MTGs):

Contact information

APDP – Diabetes Portugal
R. Rodrigo da Fonseca 1
1250-189  Lisbon

General representatives

  • João Raposo (Main representative, Adult)
  • Ana Carolina Neves (Substitute representative, Adult)
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Representatives per Main Thematic Group (MTG)