Reference Centre:

Amsterdam-UMC, location AMC


The Amsterdam-UMC, location AMC, is the university hospital and the medical school affiliated with the University of Amsterdam. The AMC focusses on patient care, education of medical students, training of residents in all medical specialisms and research. Patient care focusses on top level, expert care of a wide range of complex diseases. In 2018, the AMC will merge with the university hospital of the Free University in Amsterdam (VU University Medical Center), resulting in the largest and leading university medical centre in The Netherlands.

Amsterdam-UMC, location AMC is participating in the following Main Thematic Groups (MTGs):

Contact information

Amsterdam-UMC, location AMC
Meibergdreef 9
1105 AZ  Amsterdam

General representatives

  • Eric Fliers (Main representative, Adult)
  • Paul van Trotsenburg (Substitute representative, Paediatric)
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Representatives per Main Thematic Group (MTG)

  • MTG6 Pituitary
    Johannes Romijn (Adult), Madeleine Drent (Adult) and Jantien Hoogmoed (Adult)
  • MTG8 Thyroid
    Eric Fliers (Adult), Paul van Trotsenburg (Paediatric) and Peter Biscchop (Adult)


Also the following people are participating for this Reference Centre:

Peter Biscchop(6), Eric Fliers(6) and Paul van Trotsenburg(6)