Thyroid Microcarcinoma in Pediatric Population in Romania


Thyroid microcarcinoma in pediatric population in Romania Non-medullary thyroid cancer (TC) is the most common endocrine malignancy, with an increasing incidence in the recent years, due to the increase of the thyroid microcarcinoma. Thyroid microcarcinoma (mTC) is defined, according to WHO criteria, as ≤1 cm dimension thyroid carcinoma, being a rare disease in children population. In adults, the current guidelines recommend a limited surgical approach. In children, however, there are no specific guidelines for mTC. Due to the scarcity of these tumors, mTC in children have largely been understudied, to our knowledge with only one previous publication reporting on the outcomes of a large historic series of patients with mTC from the USA. In Romania, the incidence of TC is rising, one of the reason may be the effect of Chernobyl nuclear accident in the past and the iodine deficiency. The purpose of this study was to describe the characteristics and outcome of children diagnosed with mTC in Romania diagnosed from 1 January 2000 to 31 December 2018. During the study period we identified 77 cases of differentiated TC (papillary and follicular) and of these 20 cases (19.4%) were mTC. The mTC represented roughly one fifth of our nationwide pediatric population diagnosed in the last 20 years, the majority of cases being recorded in adolescents aged between 15–18 years. Although patients with apparently more unfavorable local phenotype were identified, this was not reflected in the outcome of the patients in terms of remission of the disease and survival. Our study illustrates the heterogeneity of the real-life practice with respect to the pediatric mTC, and underscores the need for carefully designed multicenter international studies, including larger cohorts of patients in order to provide the data required for establishing evidence based uniform protocols. The European Reference Networks (ERN), such as the ERN for Rare Endocrine Diseases (Endo-ERN) provides an ideal platform to initiate such collaborative studies

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TitleThyroid Microcarcinoma in Pediatric Population in Romania
DateMay 20th, 2021
Issue nameMDPI
Issue numberChildren 2021, 8(5), 422;
AuthorsAndreea-Ioana Stefan, Andra Piciu, Maria Margareta Cosnarovici, Monica Dragomir, Romana Netea-Maier & Doina Piciu
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