Endocrine Connections Supplemental Rare Disease Day 2023

This special collection is overseen by the Editor-in-Chief, Adrian Clark and our network’s guest editors George Mastorakos (National and Kapodistrian University of Athens), Violeta Iotova (Medical University of Varna), and Jérôme Bertherat (Hopital Cochin).



ENDO-ERN ON RARE ENDOCRINE CONDITIONS: Endo-ERN in its fifth year: a pinch of care, science, curiosity and new horizonsIotova V, Bertherat J, Mastorakos G, Hiort O, & Pereira AM
Doctors, teach your adrenal insufficiency patients well: provide them with a European Emergency Card!Beun JG, Burman P, Kämpe O, Husebye ES, Hahner S, Kristensen J, … Dahlqvist P
A Critical Evaluation of the EU-virtual consultation platform (CPMS) within the European Reference Network on Rare Endocrine ConditionsWhite EK, Wagner IV, Beuzekom C van, Iotova V, Ahmed SF, Hiort O, & Pereira A
We mind your step: understanding and preventing drop-out in the transfer from paediatric to adult tertiary endocrine healthcareDavidse K, van Staa A, Geilvoet W, van Eck JP, Pellikaan K, Baan J, … de Graaff LCG
Mapping of the current transition of care practice for patients with pituitary disease at Endo-ERN reference centersShishkov SR, Tuccillo L, Iotova VM, Pivonello R, Pelsma IC, Pereira AM, … Endo-ERN Pituitary Transition of Care Study Group
Patient journey experiences may contribute to improve healthcare for patients with rare endocrine diseasesWebb SM, Kristensen J, Nordenström A, Vitali D, Amodru V, Wiehe LK, & Bolz-Johnson M



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