Overview of Webinars for MTG3


Theme / TitleDateTime CETSpeaker(s)RegisterViewCPMS
Update on congenital hyperinsulinism2021-07-0616:00–17:00Oliver Blankenstein, Peter Kühnen, Sebastian Kummer, Thomas Meissner and Alena Welters
Rare diabetes caused by endoplasmic reticulum stress – clinical features and novel patients’ stem cell-based models2021-05-2616:00–17:00Miriam Cnop
Wolfram syndrome – Diagnostics, Biomarkers, and Therapeutic Options2020-11-1115:00–16:00Fumihiko Urano
Wolfram syndrome2020-10-0715:00–16:00Timothy Barrett
Monogenic insulin resistance – diagnosis, treatment, and insights for common disease2020-09-1615:00–16:00Robert K. Semple
Understanding Lipodystrophy2020-07-0815:00–16:00Giovanni Ceccarini and Rebecca Sanders
Alström Syndrome2019-11-2515:00–16:00Pietro Maffei
Hyperinsulinism2019-07-0110:00–11:00Klaus Mohnike and Indi Banerjee

An overview of all Webinars can be found here.