Resource Webinar: hPSCreg


As part of the EJP RD Resource Webinar series, the next webinar will be dedicated to hPSCreg and will be held on June 21st.

The human pluripotent stem cell registry (hPSCreg) maintains resources to track the usage of human embryonic and induced pluripotent stem cell lines from research to clinical applications. Participants will be given an overview of hPSCreg from different stakeholder perspectives (basic and translational researchers, industry, and funders) and will learn about what data is available for each registered line and the benefits of registering lines in hPSCreg.

Sumar Webinar

Dată21 iunie 2021
Time15:00 – 16:00 hr
SpeakerNancy Mah
OrganizațieEJP RD
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