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Amsterdam UMC, location VUMC


Amsterdam UMC, location VUMC, is the university hospital and the medical school affiliated with the Free University in Amsterdam. It focusses on patient care, education of medical students, training of residents in all medical specialisms and research. Patient care focusses on top level, expert care of a wide range of complex diseases. In 2018, the VUMC merged with the university hospital of the University of Amsterdam (Amsterdam Medical Center), resulting in the largest and leading university medical centre in The Netherlands.

Amsterdam UMC, location VUMC is participating in the following Main Thematic Groups (MTGs):

Contact information

Amsterdam UMC, location VUMC
De Boelelaan 1117
1081 HV  Amsterdam

General representatives

  • Martin den Heijer (Main representative)
  • Sabine Hannema (Substitute representative)
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Representatives per Main Thematic Group (MTG)