An overview of the outreach of the 2019–2021 Endo-ERN knowledge generation webinars

The current study aims to assess the development of the knowledge generation program of the European Reference Network on Rare Endocrine Conditions (Endo-ERN) from its start in 2019 until December 2021, with special reference to webinars. We analyzed the number of webinars and live/postevent participants and whether participation and engagement of the attendees changed over time. A total of 30 (86%) self-prepared webinars comprising 300 h of knowledge and competence sharing were broadcasted (2019 – 3; 2020 – 13; 2021 – 14). A total of six webinars were broadcasted live prior to the coronavirus disease 2019 pandemic ( The most active main thematic group (MTG) was MTG3 Genetic Disorders of Glucose and Insulin Homeostasis with eight (27%) webinars. Two (25%) MTGs fulfilled the goal to prepare at least two to three webinars per year. Patients were actively involved in 20% of the accounted webinars as both creators and presenters. The total number of live and postevent participants was 3023. The availability of the webinars after the live broadcast increased their outreach with a larger number of postevent viewers (n = 1629, 54%). Within the formal structured evaluation of the webinars, 40–85% of the participants replied on separate occasions and helped improve content. The free webinar access is among the perceived reasons for the rapidly increasing number of total hits to the Endo-ERN website. In conclusion, for its short existence, the Endo-ERN rapidly developed educational outreach, and further efforts to attract creators and learners are warranted.

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TitleAn overview of the outreach of the 2019–2021 Endo-ERN knowledge generation webinars
DateAugust 11th, 2023
Issue nameEndocrine Connections
Issue numberVolume 12: Issue 9
AuthorsIotova V, Schalin-Jäntti C, Van Beuzekom C, Bruegmann P, Broesamle M, Hiort O & Pereira AM
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