ERICA Educational Webinar 2: Practical guide on how to use the Catalogue of services and the IMT

In this webinar, Anton Ussi (Operations & Finance Director at EATRIS), Rosan Vegter (Scientific and Education Manager at EATRIS) together with Agustin Arasanz Duque (Senior Innovation Manager at VHIR/EATRIS), provided practical guidance for using two important tools for RD researchers, developed within EU-funded projects: ERICA and EJP RD.

This webinar is part of the Educational Webinar Series from ERICA’s WP5 Translation and Innovation.

Check out the recording.

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Welcome Chris Breen new Endo-ERN ePAG

We extend a warm welcome to our newest ePAG Chris Breen from the Klinefelter’s Syndrome Association UK. Chris shares his journey to diagnosis:

“I wasn’t diagnosed with Klinefelter’s until about 7 years ago when I was 50. And have since discovered I have several underlining health problems which I was previously unaware of.

However, for me the diagnosis was very validating as it explained things that had happened throughout my life I previously attributed to just being slightly different from the average person.


Until I had my diagnosis, I had never heard of it, despite working in Healthcare since [...]

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Mark your calendar and save the date!

Monday, April 3, 2023

The 1st Joint EuRRECa and EuRR-Bone meeting will take place in the morning at Leiden University Medical Centre, the day before Endo-ERN General Assembly. Click here to register and see the programme here. Faisal Ahmed’s Inaugural Lecture will take place during the afternoon at Universiteit Leiden. Past event report Oct 2022

ERICA – ERN Data Management Strategy Multistakeholder Workshop, Heidelberg

This workshop included discussions aimed at helping ERNs in setting up, maintaining and improving their registries. The valuable face-to-face interaction, not possible during the recent period, facilitated [...]

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ERN Clinical Exchange Program: Europe and Beyond

Dr. Arianne Dessens from the Child & Psychiatry Department at Erasmus MC participated in an Endo-ERN Exchange to facilitate the foundation of an international learning network for disorders/difference of sex development (DSD). Her detailed summary outlines the experience of developing a specialized learning network using the ERN Clinical Exchange opportunity.

“Disorders/differences of sex development (DSD) can be treated well medically, but families will encounter many psychosocial challenges. Providers of psychosocial care are facing challenges to find adaptations in line with recent development in medical knowledge and practices and changed patients’ and parental attitudes and expectations regarding clinical management. Harmonization of [...]

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ERN Clinical Exchange Program: Modena to Oslo

Dr Sara De Vincentis shares her experience in Oslo and her inspiration for further collaboration.

“I have really enjoyed my Endo-ERN exchange period at the Oslo University Hospital, Rikshospitalet.

Like my belonging Unit of Endocrinology, Azienda Ospedaliero-Universitaria of Modena, the section of Specialized Endocrinology of Oslo is a tertiary-level European centre with a special interest in pituitary and calcium metabolic disorders.

Sharing patients with such rare disorders together with local physicians, through educational and multidisciplinary sessions, has given me the opportunity to further professionalize in this field.

Therefore, this exchange could hopefully represent the first step of future collaborations from [...]

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ERN Clinical Exchange Program : Luxembourg to Germany

A successful exchange between Dr Marianne Becker, Centre Hospitalier de Luxembourg and Prof Semler, University Hospital in Cologne. Dr Becker provided the following report.

“I had the chance to visit Prof. Oliver Semler at the University Hospital in Cologne on the 27th and 28th of July 2022 in the setting of the ERN Clinical Exchange Program.

I accompanied Prof. Semler during his consultation for rare bone diseases (osteogenesis imperfecta, achondroplasia, XLH) and had the opportunity do discuss several cases from my consultation with him.

I participated at a team meeting with his endocrine team, I visited the pediatric rehabilitation center [...]

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Patient journeys: A tool to help patients with rare endocrine diseases

Patient journeys are instruments developed by EURORDIS, The Voice of Rare Disease Patients in Europe, to collect patients’ experiences; they may identify gaps and areas deserving improvement, as well as elements positively considered by affected persons. This webinar is a presentation by the authors of the recently published paper of the same title.

Objectives of Endo-ERN Work Package 4 (ways to improve quality of care and patient view) Susan M Webb, IIB-Sant Pau, Research Center for Pituitary Diseases, Barcelona, Spain

What are Patient Journeys (PJ), its methodology, added value and clinical application Matt Bolz-Johnson, Health & Network Advisor, EURODIS

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The EURORDIS All ePAG Meeting will take place between November 14-17, 2022.

This will be an online event of 5 sessions over 4 days. Each session is 1 hour and there are 2 networking sessions and 3 sessions dedicated to exploring how and why to listen to and represent your community. These sessions were inspired by a practical guide co-developed by EURORDIS and the patient community.

You can join as many sessions as you like and pre-registration is not required.

Bookmark this page for the meeting links below or download the agenda which contains the meeting links.


Monday, [...]

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Register your interest: ERDRI.spider training (on-line)

The European Platform on Rare Disease Registration (EU RD Platform) is happy to inform you that after the launch of the pseudonymisation tool SPIDER last spring, the Platform is now offering a series of specific trainings planned for November and December (dates TBD). There are two types of online SPIDER trainings planned:


A theoretical but nevertheless interactive session that deals more with the basic principles and functions of SPIDER (online). A hands-on session for those registries that have already completed their entries in ERDRI (both ERDRI.dor and ERDRI.mdr) (online).

Staff from all registries, all ERNs working [...]

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EURORDIS webinar series on Clinical Practice Guidelines – November 14 and 24

EURORDIS is hosting two FREE webinars on Clinical Practice Guidelines:

Monday, November 14, 2022 at 1600 (CET)

Roadmap for Guideline Implementation



Thursday, November 24, 2022 at 1600 (CET)

Appraisal of an Existing Guideline



Additional resources on Clinical Practice Guidelines co-developed by EURORDIS include:

Guide for Patient involvement in the development of clinical practice guidelines & clinical decision support tools ePAG Good Practices: Clinical Practice Guideline development recorded webinar


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