Connecting European Facility (CEF)

The Connecting European Facility launched in January 2014 and is a flagship funding programme of the Europe 2020 Strategy in the sectors of transport, energy and telecommunications. It contains a separate call for the transport sector, the energy sector, and the telecom sector.


Endo-ERN successfully applied for the specific eHealth Digital Service infrastructure within the telecom call, which facilitates the connection between members of ERNs by ensuring the adequate and efficient use of the ERN Core Services (Clinical Patient Management System and ERN Collaborative Platform).

This includes activities such as:

  • Provision of IT technical support to ensure the appropriate use of the ERN Core Services
  • Training necessary for the use of ERN Core Services
  • Purchase of hardware and software necessary for the use of ERN Core Services

Endo-ERN has hired two operational helpdesk employees to ensure the most efficient functionality of the CPMS. Danielle Steenvoorden is employed at the LUMC in Leiden, as the adult clinical expert, and Julia Hoppmann is employed at the UKSH in Lübeck, as the paediatric clinical expert. For any questions regarding the CPMS email

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