Próximos eventos

septiembre 9th, 2021

On Thursday September 9th at 15:00 – 16:00 CET an Endo-ERN webinar about “Update on the management of 46,XX Ovarian Dysgenesis and Primary Ovarian Insufficiency” [...]

22 septiembre - septiembre 26th, 2021

ESPE 2021 will focus on the theme of «Lifelong endocrine care through collaboration, discovery and innovation» Many of our patients live with conditions which will [...]

30 septiembre - octubre 1st, 2021

In the context of EJP RD’s ERN Workshops, a face-to-face workshop on clinical epidemiological research for ERNs titled “Clinical Research: The Basics & Beyond” (consisting of presentations by experts in the field [...]

29 octubre - octubre 30th, 2021

The second ESPE Science Symposium in the Netherlands has been postponed to 29th-30th October 2021 and will be hosted at Radboud University Medical Center, Nijmegen [...]