CPMS–improving patient care in Europe via virtual case discussions

The core task of European Reference Networks (ERNs) is to reduce health care inequalities throughout Europe for all patients with rare and complex conditions. A secure web-based application for virtual consultations, the Clinical Patient Management System (CPMS), was developed by the EU to provide expert specialized care for all these patients. This review analyses the opportunities and difficulties that the implementation of this virtual network implies for physicians as well as for the patients.

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ЗаглавиеCPMS–improving patient care in Europe via virtual case discussions
Датафевруари 2nd, 2021
Име на изданиеEndocrine
Номер на издаване2021(2)
АвториMönig I, Steenvoorden D, de Graaf JP, Ahmed SF, Taruscio D, Beun JG, Johannsen TH, Juul A, Hiort O & Pereira AM
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