Overview of Webinars


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Getting to Know Virtual Consultations2023-04-2017:00–18:00
Designing and conducting clinical trials in rare disease-what industries expect for partnering with clinical sites2023-04-1412:30–13:30Diego Ardigò
MTG7Genetic diagnosis of azoospermia: from chromosomes to whole exome analysis2023-03-3017:00–18:00
Getting to Know Rare Disease Registries2023-03-2216:00–17:00
5-year Evaluation Q&A Sessions2023-02-1517:00–18:00
MTG5MTG6Craniopharyngioma and hypothalamic obesity2023-01-3116:00–17:30H.W. Gan, Hanneke M. van Santen, Johan De Graaf   and Sebastian J.C.M.M. Neggers
A tool to help patients with rare endocrine diseases2022-12-1417:00–18:30Susan M Webb, Matt Bolz-Johnson, Lenja Wiehe, Jette Kristensen, Anna Nordenström and Diana Vitali
MTG4MEN-1 – a joint webinar from ESE, Endo-ERN and ESPE2022-11-2917:00–19:00Gregory Kaltsas (Greece), Gerlof Valk (Netherlands) and Carla Pieterman (Netherlands)
EURORDIS webinar series on Clinical Practice Guidelines – November 14 and 242022-11-1417:00–19:00
ERDRI.spider training (on-line)2022-11-0117:00–19:00
MTG8For a prolonged use of antithyroid drug in children with Graves’disease2022-09-2917:00–18:00Juliane Léger and Edward Visser
ePAG Exchange of Good Practices – VASCERN Flowchart webinar2022-09-2716:00–17:30
MTG8The challenging diagnosis of TSH-omas and RTHbeta – a case-based discussion2022-07-0416:00–17:00Luca Persani and Irene Campi
A joint webinar from ESE, Endo-ERN and ESPE2022-06-2816:30–18:00
MTG5Noonan syndrome with emphasis on current guidelines regarding growth, endocrinology and growth hormone therapy2022-06-0717:00–18:00Jovanna Dahlgren and Kees Noordam
MTG5New growth treatments for Achondroplasia2022-05-1016:00–17:00Klaus Mohnike, Jean Pierre Salles and Patricia Carl
CPMS Training workshop2022-04-0810:00–12:00
EMA: Repurposing of authorised medicines: pilot to support not-for-profit organisations and academia2022-02-1710:00–12:00
Webinar ETA guideline pediatric thyroid nodules and thyroid carcinoma2021-12-1519:00–20:30
MTG880 years of radioiodine – what’s new?2021-12-0115:00–16:00Erik Verburg
MTG8Challenges in the management of non-metastatic thyroid carcinoma2021-11-2515:00–17:00Barbara Jarzab, Jolanta Krajewska, Dagmara Rusinek, Daria Handkiewicz-Junak, Ewa Chmielik and Agnieszka Czarniecka
MTG5Growth & Genetic Obesity Syndromes – Prader Willi Syndrome (PWS) Clinical management of transition of care2021-11-1614:00–17:00Maithe Tauber, Tony Holland , Laura de Graaff, Charlotte Höybye, Christine Poitou and Berit Otterlei
MTG7Update on the management of 46,XX Ovarian Dysgenesis and Primary Ovarian Insufficiency2021-09-0915:00–16:00Philippe Touraine
MTG5Overgrowth syndromes Beckwith Wiedemann syndrome and other rare conditions2021-09-0717:00–18:00Frédéric Brioude
8th International Disorders/Differences of Sex Development Symposium2021-07-0817:00–18:00
MTG3Update on congenital hyperinsulinism2021-07-0616:00–17:00Oliver Blankenstein, Peter Kühnen, Sebastian Kummer, Thomas Meissner and Alena Welters
EuRR-Bone What and how?”2021-06-2817:00–18:00Natasha Appelman-Dijkstra and Ana Priego Zurita
hPSCreg2021-06-2115:00–16:00Nancy Mah
MTG5Clinical trials with new drugs in PWS2021-06-1517:00–18:00Maithe Tauber
MTG1Clinical and genetic aspects of pheochromocytoma2021-06-1415:00–16:00Peter Igaz
MTG3Rare diabetes caused by endoplasmic reticulum stress – clinical features and novel patients’ stem cell-based models2021-05-2616:00–17:00Miriam Cnop
MTG6Central congenital hypothyroidism; clinical characteristics and cognitive outcome in early detected patients2021-05-1214:00–15:00Nitash Zwaveling-Soonawala, Paul van Trotsenburg, Jolanda Naafs and Anita Boelen
MTG6Pituitary Gigantism FIPA, AIP and XLAG2021-04-2216:00–17:00Adrian F. Daly and Albert Beckers
MTG6Development and integration of VBHC in pituitary care in an Endo-ERN reference center2021-04-1917:00–18:00Nienke Biermasz and Friso de Vries
MTG5Molecular diagnostic testing of imprinting disorders and related growth disturbances2021-03-0217:00–18:00Thomas Eggermann
How to enroll a patient, start a panel and upload files to a panel2021-02-2317:00–17:30Danielle Steenvoorden
How to invite members to your panel, schedule a video meeting and join a video meeting2021-01-2817:00–17:30Danielle Steenvoorden
MTG2Endocrine and bone management in Duchenne muscular dystrophy2021-01-2514:30–15:30Jarod Wong and Justus Kuijer
MTG7Sex Development & Maturation2020-12-1813:00–15:00Olaf Hiort, Luca Persani, Manuela Brösamle, Arlene Smyth, Sasha Howard, Martine Cools, Guy T'Sjoen, Anders Juul and Anna Nordenström
MTG2Hypophosphatasia – Diagnosis and Management2020-12-0818:00–19:30Faisal Ahmed, James Irvine, Agnès Linglart and Anya Rothenbuller
How to enrol a patient, start a panel and upload files to a panel2020-12-0317:00–18:00Danielle Steenvoorden and Isabel Moenig
MTG5Diagnosis and management of Silver–Russell Syndrome, a multidisciplinary care is necessary2020-11-2417:00–18:00Irene Netchine
MTG3Wolfram syndrome – Diagnostics, Biomarkers, and Therapeutic Options2020-11-1115:00–16:00Fumihiko Urano
MTG3Wolfram syndrome2020-10-0715:00–16:00Timothy Barrett
MTG5Prader-willi syndrome2020-09-2917:00–18:00Anita Hokken
MTG3Monogenic insulin resistance – diagnosis, treatment, and insights for common disease2020-09-1615:00–16:00Robert K. Semple
MTG3Understanding Lipodystrophy2020-07-0815:00–16:00Giovanni Ceccarini and Rebecca Sanders
MTG5Genetic Obesity Disorders caused by Leptin-melanocortin Pathway Defects2020-07-0718:00–19:00Erica van den Akker
MTG8Update on the consensus on congenital hypothyroidism a patient centered approach2020-07-0118:00–19:00Michel Polak
COVID-19 Endocrine conditions with increased risk – Endo-ERN2020-05-1218:00–19:00Alberto Pereira, Eelco de Koning and Wiebke Artl
MTG1Update on congenital adrenal hyperplasia2020-03-2318:00–19:00Nicole Reisch
MTG4Prophylactic thyroidectomy in Children with MEN22020-02-2118:00–19:00Tom Kurzawinski
MTG7Turner Syndrome Guideline & the patient perspective2020-02-1318:00–19:00Claus H. Gravholt and Arlene Smyth
MTG3Alström Syndrome2019-11-2515:00–16:00Pietro Maffei
MTG3Hyperinsulinism2019-07-0110:00–11:00Klaus Mohnike and Indi Banerjee
MTG2Hypoparathyroidism in adults, diagnosis and therapeutic challenges2019-02-2814:00–14:30Lars Rejnmark