Phase 2

Phase 2: Self Evaluation

Phase 2 of the 5-year evaluation (Self-Evaluation) was closed Sunday, February 25 (extended deadline of 1 week).

The information below is an informational archive only. Endo-ERN has created a video to help you download your submission form from the ACSA platform.


Informational Archive

Phase 2 of the 5-Year Evaluation (Self-Evaluation) was formally announced from the 9th of November 2022. The Independent Evaluation Body (IEB) for this process is Consortium IDOM & ACSA International.

Please see the Phase 1 preparatory steps and advice while engaging with the various elements of the Self-Evaluation submission for Phase 2.

Further details on the online Self-Evaluation form are available in this presentation (, 2 MB) and recorded webinar from the IEB.

Some Measurable Elements require additional information from Endo-ERN. This document (, 37 KB) details which MEs the following documents refer to, and how they can help you in completing your Self-Evaluation. It also has a comparison between the initial assessment MEs and the Evaluation MEs (there is much overlap).

Please see additional support documents below:

If you require your previously submitted Continuous Monitoring numbers send a request to

Technical support is offered while filling out this online form within the submission platform and via email to the dedicated