Genetic Disorders of Glucose & Insulin Homeostasis

Genetic disorders of Glucose & Insulin Homeostasis

These genetic disorders are linked by disorders of insulin and/or glucose leading to diabetes, hypoglycemia and/or lipodystrophy. They are chronically debilitating and highly complex. Other additional factors may include deafness, blindness, brain degeneration, obesity, cardiomyopathy and kidney failure. The defective genes responsible are usually carried as one defective copy from scattered in different laboratories throughout. By entering these rare forms into a common database the outcomes of different centers can be compared and in the more rare conditions the experiences can be scientifically examined.

Our network is part of a bigger network of paediatric diabetes centers which was initiated with support of the EU public health programme 2008 and has over 7 years of experience in creating and sustaining a high quality professional network for childhood diabetes care and treatment based on agreed standards of care, criteria for certification, international guidelines and quality terms as well as on organisational level.

Due to the nature of the condition, continuous follow-up and frequent treatment adaptions are required to reduce monitoring and adjusting becomes all the more crucial and multidisciplinary expertise is indispensable to guarantee a reasonable level of quality of life.